Ms. Laura Russin and her 10th grade science students from Central High School set sail on the Aquarian Quest Schoolship for another adventure in hands-on learning.


February School Sail for 10th grade class at Central HS.

[img src=]970Ms. Laura Russin
All Aboard!
[img src=]400Ms. Laura Russin
Trying to stay warm on this chilly sail.
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Teacher Testimonials

Thanks to your crew our students got to experience hands on learning at its finest! I felt that the sail trip was a great success and allowed our students to relate the information that we have been learning in class to the real world. Additionally, I believe that the experience itself may have sparked an interest for my students to further explore the field of marine biology; an experience in which they might have otherwise never received. Thanks again for this wonderful experience.

Laura Russin
Central High School
Biology, Environmental Science

This was our second Central High School trip with Aquarian Quest and it was, once again, an experience that will not be forgotten by the students and the teachers. Besides the educational component which demonstrated the relevance of the science classroom to the real world, it gave us all a chance to enhance the student-teacher relationship that is so important in today’s world. The staff on the boat could not have been nicer, more accommodating or more professional. Thanks for a wonderful day and great memories!

Debbie Daigle
Central High School
Math Coach/Math Department Chair