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Fundraising made Simple, Convenient and Fun

Fundraisers That Pay You Cash

In these difficult economic times fundraising has become more of a challenge.  People do not have extra money to donate as they have done so in the past.  Conventional fundraising methods are not generating the funds that they used to.

We’ve teamed up with Forgotten Treasures LLC

A Forgotten Treasures LLC fundraiser is an extremely profitable way for Aquarian Quest or any nonprofit organization to raise money.  Instead of asking for donations we create a unique fundraising solution.  We provide our members and supporters a way to make instant cash by selling their forgotten treasures.  Forgotten Treasures LLC donates 20% of what they buy back to our organization.

Here is a Hypothetical Scenario

  • Let’s say we invite 120 guests to our fundraisers and 60 show up with items to sell
  • Forgotten Treasures LLC buys $20,000 in Silver, Gold, Coins & Paper Money
  • Our guests leave happy with $20,000 instant cash
  • Aquarian Quest gets an instant donation of $4,000 from Forgotten Treasures LLC

How it works

Step 1 Coordinate a date.

Step 2 Invite members & supporters to attend your event to sell their silver, gold, coins & paper money.

Step 3 At the event each person is attended to by one of our professionals who then explains the process of evaluation and provided a cash offer.

Step 4 The seller receives instant cash.

Step 5 At the completion of the event, the total buy is calculated and then 20% is donated to our organization.

Why we chosen to have this type of fundraiser?

  • No cost or risk
  • Few, if any volunteers required
  • Forgotten Treasures LLC does all the work
  • We receive cash to carry out our programs
  • We get 20% as a charitable donation
  • It’s simple, easy & fun
  • Our members and supporters thank us for earning instant cash
  • Everybody is paid the day of the event – no waiting for checks
  • Minimizes our need to always ask for donations
  • We are helping the community receive needed extra cash

What Types of Valuables are Bought

Sterling Silver: Jewelry, flatware, spoons, forks, serving pieces, Tea sets, Goblets, Platters, Trays, Bowls, Figurines, Candle Holders, Trophies, Silver Bars, coins etc…

Gold: Any and all Types of Gold Jewelry, chains, necklaces, Bracelets, rings, pins, Broaches, earrings, charms, Bent, Tangled, Broken & Unmatched Jewelry, Gold Bars, Coins etc…

Coins: Any al all USA coins made before 1965.  All USA and Foreign Silver and Gold coins.

Old Paper Money: Bank Notes and currency.  All denominations made before 1935.


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